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PCMCIA: People Can't Memorise Computer Industry Acronyms


These pages are heavily biased towards Linux. I use Linux and the related Free Software for nearly everything that I do with a computer, from surfing the web to software programming, from image treatment to audio recording, from data acquisition to report writing.

The human brain is divided into two sections, one verbal and logical which scientists employ when writing papers, the other visual and impressionistic which they use in writing grant applications. - "Albert the experimental rat", David Austin, New Scientist, 25 Feb. 1989.

Science ... and related matter

These pages contain a few programs that I wrote and contain some links that I found (and still find) useful for my professional use. I have a university education as analytical chemist and a strong penchant for the development and application of precision instruments. This includes not just the theory, but also the design and actual construction, including electronics and software.