Stella Alpina 2003

Here they are ...

... some pictures from Stella Alpina 2003!

Due to private reasons, I have unfortuately not been able to stay the whole 2003 Stella Alpina weekend ... only Friday and Saturday, but this was already enough time to have a lot of fun :-)


On the way to Bardoneccia

20030711T110347.jpg 20030711T121030.jpg 20030711T131226.jpg 20030711T131352.jpg 20030711T153408.jpg 20030711T153648.jpg 20030711T170455.jpg 20030711T171027.jpg 20030711T171231.jpg 20030711T173150.jpg


20030711T185735.jpg 20030711T192458.jpg 20030711T200430.jpg 20030711T203908.jpg 20030711T205106.jpg 20030711T205522.jpg 20030711T214134.jpg 20030711T223652.jpg 20030711T223931.jpg


Getting up, having breakfast :-)

20030712T082805.jpg 20030712T082919.jpg 20030712T084026.jpg 20030712T084055.jpg 20030712T084307.jpg

The "ascension"

20030712T090707.jpg 20030712T091649.jpg 20030712T093138.jpg 20030712T093553.jpg 20030712T093602.jpg 20030712T093642.jpg 20030712T095256.jpg 20030712T095500.jpg 20030712T095939.jpg 20030712T100434.jpg 20030712T100544.jpg 20030712T101616.jpg 20030712T101624.jpg 20030712T101948.jpg

... have to leave ...

20030712T111347.jpg 20030712T144032.jpg 20030712T163123.jpg


So what is this all about?

In case you do not know about this event: "Stella Alpina" is an alpine flower similar to the Edelweiss and it is also the name of a giant, mostly non-organised motorcycle meeting (aka rallye) which takes place every (?) second weekend in July above Bardoneccia. "Aim" is to ride the gravel/dust road up the the plateau of the Colle Sommeiller (3009 m), which is one of the highest legally reachable points in the Alps. If you ride up there on Sunday morning, you can buy "trophys" such as souvenir stickers, T-Shirts etc.

The "usual" campground is close to Rifugio Scarfiotti (2156 m), which is located 18 km from the village of Bardoneccia (two third of this road is dust and light gravel). The ride from the campground up to the Colle Sommeiller is another 12 km on a barely maintained gravel road, whose surface offers everything between fine dust (or mud, depending on the weather ;-) up to crude gravel.

A problem not related to the road but to the huge number of motorcycles is that from Saturday afternoon on, there is a constant stream of motorcycles heading uphill ... thus, especially when you head down to Bardoneccia you want to be extra careful. The biggest "flow" of motorcycles is on saturday evening and everything from light motocross machines up to fat Harleys etc. has been seen there.

I have been there for the first time in 2002 and 2003 was not the last time ... ;-)