Stella Alpina 2004

Here they are ...

... some of my pictures from Stella Alpina 2004! You can also watch the images as a slideshow.


On the way to Bardoneccia

After a rainy week and a not much less rainy friday morning, we finally decided to start. However, instead of passing through the Valais (and under its still pitch-black rainclouds), we took another route which lead us through Geneva and from there in an almost straight line towards Bardoneccia. These roads brought some beautiful landscapes, combined with nice gravel roads ...

20040709T095014.jpg 20040709T123748.jpg 20040709T142756.jpg 20040709T145118.jpg 20040709T145131.jpg 20040709T151636.jpg 20040709T152103.jpg


Arriving on friday evening just after sunset, we were surprised to find only very few tents at the Rifugio. It seems that the bad weather in the week just before the meeting prevented many people from coming. However, those that were in the region were rewarded by a weekend full of bright sunshine. The temperatures were fresh (well ... if you consider that this is mid-July, it was cold), but perfect for riding.

20040709T195453.jpg 20040709T204739.jpg 20040709T211812.jpg


Ascension to the Colle Sommeiller

In 2004, the summit was not attainable as the road was blocked by quite a lot of snow 9.5 km after Rifugio Scarfiotti. Thus, the last 2.5 km remained inaccessible.

20040710T085420.jpg 20040710T091948.jpg 20040710T092312.jpg 20040710T092818.jpg 20040710T093122.jpg 20040710T093257.jpg 20040710T094251.jpg 20040710T095009.jpg 20040710T095943.jpg 20040710T101043.jpg 20040710T101128.jpg 20040710T101144.jpg 20040710T101415.jpg 20040710T101841.jpg 20040710T101926.jpg 20040710T102105.jpg 20040710T102246.jpg 20040710T103652.jpg 20040710T103703.jpg 20040710T103934.jpg 20040710T103944.jpg 20040710T110845.jpg


Here is a panorama picture of the campground (courtesy of Clemens Henn - thanks a lot!), taken on Saturday afternoon from the north-western side of the area. Download 300 kB.



20040710T121841.jpg 20040710T121936.jpg 20040710T130539.jpg 20040710T131226.jpg 20040710T131300.jpg 20040710T131621.jpg 20040710T132047.jpg 20040710T132157.jpg 20040710T133944.jpg 20040710T134438.jpg 20040710T134945.jpg 20040710T135449.jpg 20040710T135515.jpg 20040710T140016.jpg 20040710T144300.jpg 20040710T145107.jpg


20040710T172704.jpg 20040710T172712.jpg 20040710T172944.jpg 20040710T181129.jpg 20040710T182219.jpg 20040710T183013.jpg 20040710T183731.jpg 20040710T184116.jpg 20040710T185552.jpg 20040710T185858.jpg 20040710T185916.jpg 20040710T190512.jpg

The complicated way back ...

If you ride the Assietta from east to west, the "official" exit would be around Sestriere. However, if you explore the region carefully, you can find a few - legal - ways to exit towards Sauze d'Oulx. - A problem with those pictures is that they do not really show the slope of the path. However, if you observe the trees carefully, you may get an idea ;-)

20040710T192452.jpg 20040710T193646.jpg 20040710T193708.jpg 20040710T204235.jpg


Leaving north

20040711T081121.jpg 20040711T081139.jpg 20040711T085215.jpg 20040711T093536.jpg 20040711T101019.jpg 20040711T103713.jpg 20040711T120727.jpg 20040711T125433.jpg 20040711T125658.jpg 20040711T140404.jpg 20040711T145201.jpg 20040711T155845.jpg 20040711T155906.jpg 20040711T161307.jpg 20040711T162217.jpg 20040711T192202.jpg


So what is this all about?

In case you do not know about this event: "Stella Alpina" is an alpine flower similar to the Edelweiss and it is also the name of a giant, mostly non-organised motorcycle meeting, the 'Stella Alpina Motociclistica Internazionale'. Since 1967, this meeting takes place in Bardonecchia, usually on every (?) second weekend in July. If you are interested in the history, do a Google search for Mario Artusio - he is the man that created this event and who still organises it.

In spite of the "rallye" connotation, this is not a competitive event. If there is an "aim", then it is to ride the gravel/dust road up the the plateau of the Colle Sommeiller (3009 m), which is one of the highest legally reachable points in the Alps. If you ride up there on Sunday morning, you can buy "trophys" such as souvenir stickers, T-Shirts etc.

The "usual" campground is close to Rifugio Scarfiotti (2156 m), which is located 18 km from the village of Bardoneccia (two third of this road is dust and light gravel). The ride from the campground up to the Colle Sommeiller is another 12 km on a barely maintained gravel road, whose surface offers everything between fine dust (or mud, depending on the weather ;-) up to crude gravel.

The biggest "flow" of motorcycles is usually on saturday evening and everything from light motocross machines up to fat Harleys etc. has been seen there. A problem not related to the road but to the huge number of motorcycles on this particular weekend is that from Saturday afternoon on, there is a constant stream of motorcycles heading uphill ... thus, especially when you head down to Bardoneccia you want to be extra careful. Some of these folks seem to think they are alone on a racetrack, not expecting oncoming traffic :-(

Apart from this, the region has many more highlights that invite to legal gravel touring. Many of these paths are indeed public roads, maintained with considerable effort, so you really want to ride in a way that remains "compatible" with the surroundings and the people up there.